The Red Dragon Appeal

Supporting the extension of the Bala Lake Railway
to Bala Town Station

The Red Dragon Appeal was launched in December 2017 to raise funds for the Red Dragon Project to extend the railway to a new terminus in the town of Bala. The Trust had a wonderful response and the appeal has raised over £80,000. The subscription part of the appeal is now closed to new subscribers, However, we still welcome individual donations, no matter how small or large, and some suggested donations are set out below:


20 Track Spikes

A donation of £10 will allow us to buy 20 track spikes, which are used to secure the rail to the sleepers.


4 Fishplates and Bolts

A donation of £20 will allow us to buy 4 fishplates and matching bolts, which join the rails together.


3 Sleepers

A donation of £50 will allow us to buy three sleepers, on which the rails are laid. It takes 12 sleepers to make a complete track panel.


A Length of Rail

A donation of £100 will allow us to buy a length of rail; we need two rails for a complete track panel.


Complete Track Panel

A donation of £500 will allow us to buy a complete track panel of rail, sleepers, spikes, fishplates and bolts.

A plaque recognising the supporters of the appeal is to be erected in the new station building and the Trust will gladly include your name if you so wish; please just let us know when you make your donation by emailing us at

The Red Dragon Project - Extending the Bala Lake Railway

Why we need to raise £2.5milliion - with your help!

Crossing the River Dee

An innovative solution

To reach the town of Bala, the railway has to cross the River Dee.
The current proposal is to use the existing road bridge with a tramway section.

A New Station

To meet the expectations of the 21st century visitor

The proposed station at Bala Town will be designed to meet the exacting standards expected by the 21st century visitor, offering a cafe, shop and toilet facilities.

A Route with a View

The views down the lake will be magnificent

This aerial view shows the proposed route from the existing terminus at Pen-y-Bont to the new station in the town. The views of the lake and the mountains beyond as the train makes its way along the foreshore will be simply stunning.

Thank you!