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Constructing the Bala Town Extension

After 12 months of in depth consultations with local councillors, politicians, businesses, residents and the Bala & Penllyn Tourist Association, there is unanimous support of The Bala Lake Railway Line Extension and new Bala Town Station.

"The benefit of a new railway to the town of Bala is regarded as one of the most important economic enhancement and regeneration projects gifted to the Community in living memory."

Cllr. Dilwyn Morgan, Chairman of Gwynedd County Council

The Trust envisages that the extension will be constructed over four phases. By commencing the new railway extension from Bala town centre (phases 1 and 2), it will demonstrate the groundswell of support for the new railway and the benefits it will bring to the town. The Trust will then be in a stronger position to qualify for a European Economic Regeneration Grant. It will also award significant fundraising momentum to the most costly phase of the project, which is crossing the River Dee and the B4403, a cost estimated at £1.2 million (phase 3). The final phase will be to complete the new Bala Town station to provide a first class destination, and a lasting legacy for the railway and town (phase 4).

  • £300,000

    Phase One 

    Acquire land for the new town station and track bed to the foreshore.

    Get planning permission.

    Clear site.

    Construct temporary station building.

    Prepare formation for track.

    Lay track from the new station site to the foreshore approx 300 metres and run the first trains. 

  • £500,000

    Phase Two

    Negotiate with Natural Resources Wales for tenure of trackbed along the foreshore as far as the River Dee Crossing.

    Negotiate the construction of a footpath along the lakeside of the proposed trackbed taking into account this is a Significant Site of Scientific Interest.

    Prepare formation for track laying.

    Lay track and extend the visitor journey

  • £1,200,000 (subject to revision depending on final decision for crossing the river).

    Phase Three

    Continue negotiations with the relevant authorities to facilitate the crossing of the bridge over the River Dee.

    Negotiate with CADW to gain access across the medieval bridge.

    Obtain a Transport & Works Order for crossing the B4403.

    Acquiring land between the level crossing and the existing terminus of the BLR.

    Re-align the carriageway and install the rail crossing and a barrier controlled level crossing.

  • £500,000

    Phase Four

    The construction of a permanent station building, train shed and ancillary buildings to provide first class facilities for the town of Bala and visitors to the railway.